Bravo’s The Ultimate Collection break out star— has anchored himself as one of New York’s most innovative contemporary designer. 
For more than twenty years, Tran has brought his talent and vision to the fashion industry with cutting-edge silhouettes and architectural bodies.

Having been featured in dozens of publications, including
W Magazine, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune, Tran’s designs embody modern sexiness with classic elegance. 
He has a discerning eye for form and flare creating designs that transcend trends to timeless pieces. His style retains inspiration from classic simplicity while tinged with hints of sensuality to reflect the strong contemporary women. 

With loyal fans like Drew Barrymore, Aisha Tyler ,
Gina Gerson, Brooke Shields, Molly Ringwald, 
Michelle Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Iman, Tran continues to leave his signature industry-wide. Tran is currently the spokesperson for the Arts Institute.